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How Long can an Employee Remain on Workers' Comp After a Claim?


The general rule is that an injured workers can draw unemployment for up to 300 weeks while on temporary total disability or until they reach Medical Maximum Improvement.

What is WPI – Whole Person Impairment?


 This is an opinion provided by a doctor.  This WPI percentage is converted into a permanent disability percentage.  The permanent disability range is from 0% to 100%.  If you have received a report that gives you a whole person impairment percentage, give the Otus Law Group a call so we can help explain the impairment to you.

My doctor prepared a final report (PR4 Report).  I do not agree with it.  Can I get a second opinion?

The answer is yes.  If you do not like what your doctor put in your report, the Otus Law Group can object to that report and start the PQME process.  You have the right to be evaluated by a Qualified Medical Evaluator.  This is a doctor that is supposed to give you an independent opinion regarding your injuries.  If you do not like your doctor’s report, give the Otus Law Group a call and let us help you get a second opinion.






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