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Cuando un vehículo golpea a un peatón, existe un alto potencial de sufrir lesiones devastadoras y permanentes. Estas lesiones pueden poner en peligro la vida e incluso causar la muerte. Lamentablemente, los niños corren un riesgo especial debido a su pequeño tamaño, lo que hace que sea más difícil verlos y que tengan más probabilidades de sufrir lesiones graves.


Walking Tourists

 While the law is often on the side of pedestrians in crosswalk accident cases, you may be surprised to learn that these cases can be hotly contested in court. If you or a family member has been injured by a car or other moving vehicle, you need a strong pedestrian & crosswalk injury lawyer to represent your case. At California Personal Injury Attorneys, we have the experience necessary to pursue justice and ensure you receive a fair settlement.

Clearly, being a pedestrian in California is risky business. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, you deserve to be represented by a lawyer who is highly experienced in pursuing justice for victims of pedestrian and crosswalk accidents. The concept of unmarked crosswalks is a little more difficult to understand. California Vehicle Code §275(a) indicates that an unmarked crosswalk may be located in an intersection where there are sidewalks on either side.

A cross walk is an area of the road that is set aside for pedestrian traffic. The term pedestrian includes those on foot, rollerblades, skateboards, etc. Many people are surprised to learn that there are two types of crosswalks in California – marked and unmarked. Marked crosswalks are easy to identify because the walking zone is delineated by white lines and, in most cases, signage on the roadway. Marked crosswalks can occur at an intersection or mid-block.

One way that cities are attempting to lower pedestrian fatalities in traffic accidents is through Vision Zero. Vision Zero aims to eliminate traffic fatalities on city streets altogether. San JoseSan FranciscoSacramento, San Diego and Los Angeles have all joined the commitment to eliminate traffic deaths in coming years.
Another method that Sacramento is using to cut down on pedestrian fatalities, especially those involving children, is advocating for lower speed limits near school zones. These lower speeds can lessen the likelihood of a fatality when a collision does occur.

Technology companies are hoping to increase safety on all roads with smart intersection technology. These smart intersections use lidar to detect pedestrians and vehicles, and they can react to stimulus in real time. For example, if an elderly person is in the intersection but the light is about to turn green, the lidar can detect the pedestrian and hold the red light until the person is safely across the street.
This technology is not new to the Bay Area. Smart intersections are already up and running in Dublin and Pleasanton. The video below shows an example of how the lidar reads cars and pedestrians on the road.


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